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What Is Ai-OP’s?

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What They Do

Ai-OPs’ Koios platform enables seamless integration of AI models into existing control systems, allowing for real-time optimization and performance improvements. The system supports a range of industries, including Oil & Gas, Wastewater, Utilities, Chemical, Agriculture, Renewables, Commercial, Manufacturing, and Pharma.

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Who They Are

Founded by a team of seasoned engineers with a collective experience of over 50 years in process control, Ai-OPs is driven by a core philosophy: leverage AI as a tool to enhance the efficiency of operators and engineers, lightening their workload rather than burdening them further.

Maximize profits, boost energy efficiency, and increase process uptime


Custom Model Building

Collaborating closely with your team, they craft and develop a tailored AI model precisely aligned with your specific needs and circumstances.

Data Security

They encrypt all data using top-tier security measures and offer both cloud and on-premises deployment options for maximum data control.

Easy To Customize

Develop models in-house or with a third party. The Koios democratizes AI, freeing you from vendor lock-in.

How KoiosLT Works

How KoiosLT Works

Easily integrate AI Models into your existing Control System for real-time optimization results in just a few clicks.


KoiosLT software installs with most off the shelf hardware or virtual appliance setups and can deploy AI models on any controls network. KoiosLT can securely exists either connected to the internet or completely air gapped.

  • Standard industrial protocol integrations
  • Real-time AI engine
  • High availability and redundancy
  • Trending capability
  • Offline patching capabilities
  • SNMP integration

Reliable Runtime & Peace of Mind

Take a look at some of these metrics.


hours of runtime since 1st deployment


typical return on investments

< 1%

hours added to personnel management workloads

The Ai-OPs Team

Meet The Ai-OPs Team