High School Basic Instrumentation Course


During the week of July 12-15, TriNova conducted a Basic Instrumentation course for high school students. The course is part of a pilot program launched by TriNova to explore how we can reach high school students that may be interested in instrumentation as a career. Our goal is to develop an apprenticeship program that will [...]

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Giving “Thanks” to our field technician heroes


Here are just a few advantages of the SMT70: •    Ready-to-go out of the box with no software installation needed •    Save time and effort searching with pre-installed device driver libraries •    Easy to learn and operate via intuitive, touch-optimized user interface •    Faster commissioning and diagnosis with “one-click” automatic connectivity •   Always up-to-date [...]

Giving “Thanks” to our field technician heroes2020-11-12T14:31:46+00:00

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