TriNova, Inc. announced the completion of its Endress Core of Excellence Education and Wellness Center in Mobile, Alabama on July 13, 2023! This building creates development opportunities for employees and fellow representative partners and improves networking capabilities.

“TriNova’s new Endress Core of Excellence Education and Wellness Center symbolizes the growth and progress that both companies have achieved together,” Endress+Hauser USA General Manager Todd Lucey said. “This new facility will be instrumental in creating future community connections and educational engagement to benefit talent pipelines for TriNova, Endress+Hauser, and the greater process industry. Organizations that attract and grow their own workforce will be leaders in the market.”

The new 19,457-square-foot facility houses a PTU (Process Training Unit) to assist in customer training, providing much-needed hands-on experience. In addition, TriNova expanded its offerings with an Apprenticeship Program for its areas of operation, also utilizing the PTU. Through this program, TriNova connects students, parents, educators, counselors, and industry experts to raise awareness and provide crucial information regarding technical career opportunities and the significance of STEM.

“We are thrilled to add the new Endress Core of Excellence Education and Wellness Center to our campus to assist in maintaining the growth and success we’ve achieved over the years,” said TriNova, Inc. President Robbie Watson. “Not only is this facility a testament to those successes, but it’s a symbol of our confidence in the future of TriNova and Endress+Hauser. This building started as a vision to extend our training capabilities with the Process Training Unit and Apprenticeship Program and take them to another level. Now, that vision is a reality. The new facility is an asset to our customers, current and future employees, and fellow Endress+Hauser representative partners.”

With its wellness facility, TriNova hopes to promote positive, healthy lifestyles for its employees. The wellness facility also houses company events.