During the week of July 12-15, TriNova conducted a Basic Instrumentation course for high school students. The course is part of a pilot program launched by TriNova to explore how we can reach high school students that may be interested in instrumentation as a career. Our goal is to develop an apprenticeship program that will perform high quality career training for future instrumentation fields.    The high school course was conducted over five days with the students attending for four hours each day.  The students spent time learning in an active learning classroom as well as time in the Process Training Unit completing hand-on-training labs.  We are thrilled that we were able to offer this course.  The entire process has been an incredible learning experience, not only for the students, but for all of TriNova.

The seven students in a attendance were, Adam Fraise, from MGM; Christina Williams from Davidson, Jake Guy from Fayetteville, Molly Grace Hicks from Faith, Tia Coleman from MGCCC, Timmy Watson from Faith , and Zacoiya Bagsby from BC Rain.

TriNova is offering a second High School Basic Instrumentation course at the Gonzales, LA office location on July 19-23, 2021.