Kaishan’s Industrial Process Control manufacturing includes:
  • AIR

Over the last sixty years Kaishan has steadily grown to become a significant diversified engineering company, developing high value equipment for industrial use worldwide.   With modern specialized manufacturing facilities, Kaishan is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of compressed air equipment.  Combining highly skilled engineering with low cost manufacturing allows the highest value machinery to be offered to their customers.

Kaishan’s manufacturing processes are 85% vertically integrated allowing full control of the material supply chain, component costs and quality.   This unique approach to manufacturing provides them the opportunity to respond rapidly to changing market demands offering the ability to bring new technologies and products to the market quickly and cost effectively.

Products offering outstanding energy efficiency and reliability are the core of Kaishan’s mission.  They have a fundamental belief in environmental sustainability producing machinery with the highest energy efficiency that will meet the needs of industry now and in to the future helping to preserve our precious energy reserves.  Single and two stage screw compressors that produce more compressed air per unit of power input, expanders that utilize waste heat to produce electricity are fundamental products in their sustainable approach.  Throughout Kaishan’s manufacturing processes, unused waste materials are rigorously recycled at every stage to maximize the use of raw materials.  The end result to their customers is that of outstanding energy efficiency and lower operating costs.