King Instrument Company’s Industrial Process Control manufacturing includes:
  • FLOW

King Instrument Company opened its doors in 1983 with one major goal: to produce the finest group of rotameters ever sold.

At the time they occupied a 1200 square foot space in a multi-tenant building. With two small manual lathes, a cut-off saw and two drill presses they began production. The product line consisted of a total of 21 model numbers. In their first year of business sales were just over $37,000.

A lot has changed over the years. They now run two shifts and utilize the most sophisticated computer controlled machinery. King Instrument Company currently calls its home a 46,000 square foot facility in Garden Grove, California. We now manufacture 95% of the 6000 meter components used in our products. These include the borosilicate glass metering tubes called Kinglass. They operate an in-house calibration lab and perform NIST traceable calibrations (conform to ISA RP 16.6). The King product line has grown and expanded to satisfy the demands of almost any variable area flowmeter application.