Mobile, AL March 14, 2024 – TriNova Inc., a leading provider of measurement and process solutions, proudly announces its strategic partnership with Ai-OP’s, a dynamic leader in artificial intelligence applications. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the advancement of AI technology and underscores TriNova’s commitment to investing in groundbreaking ventures that redefine industry standards. 


Under this partnership, TriNova Inc. and Ai-OP’s will combine their expertise and resources to drive innovation across the industrial automation sector throughout North America.  


One of the pivotal aspects of this partnership includes TriNova Inc.’s strategic investment in Ai-OP’s, signaling confidence in the company’s vision and technological expertise. This investment underscores TriNova’s dedication to fostering groundbreaking initiatives that propel the industry forward and empower businesses to achieve unparalleled success in the digital era. 


“We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with Ai-OP’s,” said Robbie Watson, CEO of TriNova Inc. “This partnership not only strengthens our position as a leader in technology innovation but also reinforces our commitment to driving tangible value for our clients. By combining our strengths, we are eager to unlock new possibilities and set new benchmarks in AI-driven solutions.” 


Ai-OP’s innovative approach coupled with TriNova’s extensive industry experience, promises to deliver unparalleled value to clients seeking to optimize operations, enhance decision-making processes, and unlock new avenues for growth. 


“As CEO of Ai-OP’s, I am incredibly excited about the partnership forged with TriNova Inc. This signifies a pivotal moment in our journey towards revolutionizing AI solutions. Together with Trinova’s expertise and our innovative approach, we can redefine industry standards and empower businesses with transformative AI-driven capabilities.” Phillip Hansel, CEO of Ai-OP’s states, “We look forward to this new era of possibilities in the digital landscape.” 


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Contact Information: 

Brian Hicks

Chief Technology Officer

TriNova Inc.