TriNova carries the full line of MTL Instruments. MTL Products, a part of Crouse-Hinds, is a leading global manufacturer of process equipment engineered to monitor, control, visualize, and protect safety-critical processes. MTL has earned a reputation for the quality, reliability, and performance of their intrinsic safety explosion devices and has been certified as a Functional Safety Management (FSM) company. MTL products are used to manage processes safely in offshore oil rigs, power generation plants, chemical and petrochemical processing, telecommunications operations, industrial processing and manufacturing plants.

TriNova carries MTL’s full line of products:

  • Intrinsic safety Zener barriers, isolators, indicators, multiplexers, and power supplies
  • Signal conditioners
  • HART® interfacing connectors
  • Fieldbus and industrial network components
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and industrial control systems
  • Terminals, workstations, and remote PC’s
  • Surge protectors
  • Process alarm equipment
  • Gas analyzers

Many products are rated for Zone 2 hazardous operation and are used in both hazardous and general purpose operations.

At TriNova, we collaborate with each customer to determine the best MTL product for their application. We understand that safety is a top priority and will provide expert technical support when selecting the MTL product that will provide the performance, reliability and durability required for our customer’s operation. Our staff is passionate about our business, and has a wealth of experience with the industries we serve and the capabilities of the intrinsic safety products we carry. We serve the Southeast region of the United States.

When you buy from TriNova you get a great deal more than the MTL process equipment you purchase – you get access to all of our resources – the latest technologies, expert technical staff, experienced field service, training programs, all supported by superior customer service. Call today to see how we can solve your processing challenge.