Reliable flow measurement and control is required in almost all types of industries; from the food and pharmaceutical industries where hygiene is of paramount importance, to the chemical, oil, gas and petrochemical industries which require robust and reliable instrumentation to suit the hazardous conditions. Through our manufacturers, TriNova, Inc. offers a complete range of sensors and transmitters for virtually all aspects of flow measurement.

Our partnership with Endress + Hauser enables us to offer flow measurement solutions in these technologies: Electromagnetic, Coriolis Mass, Ultrasonic, Vortex, and Thermal Mass.

Proline Promass Q for challenging applications

Coriolis flowmeter with superior accuracy for flow and density measurement

Whether in custody transfer applications or when meeting stringent product quality requirements – superior measuring accuracy is essential. Historically, high accuracy levels were only achievable under ideal circumstances, meaning stable process conditions and true single-phase homogeneous fluids. In the real world, however, these ideal conditions don’t often exist. The Promass Q Coriolis flowmeter has been developed exactly for such applications in the oil & gas as well as in the food industry.


Exceptional density measurement performance.
Widest useable flow range on the market.
Excellent performance for liquids containing suspended bubbles or microbubbles thanks to the patented Multi-Frequency Technology.
Superior repeatability, e.g. for custody transfer and meter proving.
Lowest sensitivity to changing process pressure/temperature on the market.
Smaller and lighter than competing devices.

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