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Oil Water Meters


Unlike other microwave, density or capacitance based instruments, Agar’s OW series meters are the only devices in which the accuracy of the measurement is not affected by changing salinity, density, viscosity, temperature or velocity of the components being analyzed. The high frequency signal will maintain accuracy in the presence of process coatings that would be detrimental to optical instruments.


Agar’s Multiphase Flow Meters are comprised of five primary subsystems:
  1. The mass flow and density measurement is based on coriolis and other ancillary sensors.
  2. The AGAR Water-cut meter (OW-201 or OW-301) is used to measure water content accurately over the full range of 0-100% in both oil and water-continuous phases.
  3. The AGAR Data Analysis System (DAS) performs on-line analysis of data acquired from the above sub-systems to determine the oil, water, gas, and total fluid flow rates.
  4. High Flow Rate Capability: In applications where the flow line is larger than 4″ and the flow rate is high, Agar’s unique flow range extender (F.R.E.) MPFM-50 design is used.
  5. The Agar Dual Venturi Meter is used to measure flow rates of the multiphase in extreme conditions where the flow is not homogeneous.

Optical Flow Meters


Optical flow meters are very stable with no moving parts and deliver a highly repeatable measurement over the life of the product. Because distance between the two laser sheets does not change, optical flow meters do not require periodic calibration after their initial commissioning. Optical flow meters require only one installation point, instead of the two installation points typically required by other types of meters. A single installation point is simpler, requires less maintenance and is less prone to errors.

Laser-based optical flow meters measure the actual speed of particles, a property which is not dependent on thermal conductivity of gases, variations in gas flow or composition of gases. The operating principle enables optical laser technology to deliver highly accurate flow data, even in challenging environments which may include high temperature, low flow rates, high pressure, high humidity, pipe vibration and acoustic noise.


A flow totalizer measures the amount of liquid or gas that flows through a pipe. Flow totalizers come in a variety of styles, and they are used in a wide variety of applications. By recording the results of the totalizer and dividing the amount over a quantity of time, you can determine the average flow rate of a pipe. At Vector Controls, we know that measuring the amount of liquid used in your applications is important for the bottom line, especially when dealing with expensive substances and potentially, extremely costly waste.

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