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TriNova is partnered with nVent Thermal Management and their world–class brands that include Raychem and Tracer Services. Please contact us directly with any heat tracing needs you may have. TriNova and nVent are happy to assist with design, supply, engineering, field service and ready inventory. We will apply our many years of heat tracing experience to help you with any heat trace project large or small.

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Engaging Raychem/Tracer early in the planning process allows us to help you make decisions which can reduce the overall installed cost of the heat management system.

Our experienced engineers apply product and optimization strategies to design a heat management system which meets your specific requirements at the lowest possible cost.

Raychem/Tracer will manage all materials procurement and fabrication activities making sure the right materials get to the right work location at the right time.

Our construction teams are fully trained and experienced in heat-tracing installation techniques. Leverage our expertise to ensure timely and correct installation of your heat management system components, insulation and cladding.

Using our Site Services allows you to maintain a single point of responsibility and accountability through the entire installation process. This ensures continuity of project knowledge from engineering through start-up. We can manage all the necessary services you need: Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Construction Management, Quality Assurance.

Our commissioning services ensure that the heat management system is operating as expected. This includes full system audits, programming and set up of control panels and operational checks.

Our Quality Management System addresses all processes including the design, supply, installation, and commissioning to ensure your Heat Management System is operating as intended.

Providing regular Heat Management System audits or implementing a maintenance agreement, Raychem/Tracer provides you with the security of having your system regularly evaluated by experts in the heat-tracing industry, allowing timely resolution of potential system problems.

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