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TriNova, Inc. is the Manufacturer’s Representative for Hardy Process Solutions* and offers a full line of weight analysis systems for different interests and industries through. Available technologies include weighing instruments, PLS/PAC plug in weight modules, weight processors, weight controllers, load cells & scales, Compression Load Cells, Hardy OneMount™, Hardy Bench Scales, Hardy Dynamic Checkweighers (Open-Source, Off-the-Shelf Rockwell Components, Seamless Integration into Connected Enterprise)<


Hardy Process Solutions provides weighing solutions for process and packaging for industries including food processing, automated manufacturing, chemical, plastics, rubber, and more. We have been offering accurate, quality industrial weighing scales since 1918 and are now in our Centennial year! Hardy assists processors and manufacturers by offering solutions that create a drastic reduction in waste while enhancing quality and productivity by as much as 50% over other industrial weighing and packaging equipment.:

Hardy offers a wide range of industrial weighing Instruments and Systems including Weight Controllers, Rate Controller, Weight Processors, Weight Indicators, Weighing Terminal and more. Hardy Weight Controllers offer outstanding performance and advanced Hardy Process Toolbox features to provide exceptional value.
Hardy’s single-slot Rockwell® PLC/PAC modules read and condition data from strain gage load cells and communicate it over the I/O chassis backplane to the processor. They provide basic weight data or are loaded with sophisticated algorithms to perform application-specific industrial weighing processes from simple batch weighing to loss-in-weight control, filling or dispensing. Modules are available for Allen-Bradley® ControlLogix®, CompactLogix®, POINT I/O®, Micro800® or SLC500 chassis
Weight processors are used as front-ends to control systems for all types of general weighing applications. They measure, condition and communicate weight without any need to control. Hardy weight processors are part of a process manufacturer’s industrial weighing systems & equipment.
Hardy Weight Controllers offer outstanding performance and advanced Hardy Process Toolbox core features to provide exceptional value. These Controllers use WAVERSAVER® to eliminate the effects of vibration on the weight signal, C2® to allow electronic calibration of the weighing system, Integrated Technician® for system diagnostics and troubleshooting.
All load cells look the same on the surface. It’s the attention to detail beneath the surface that separates a Hardy ADVANTAGE® Load Sensor from the common load cell. You’ll find details like a no-cost conduit adapter, redundant sealing for superior protection from moisture, matched parameters for easy sensor installation without corner adjusting, tighter specs for higher accuracy and individual performance certs posted on the web for easy access.
Hardy compression load cells are durable and versatile designed with premium stainless or alloy steel materials. Used for the monitoring of weight using compression forces, ADVANTAGE® load cells use true glass-to-metal hermetic sealing to deliver reliable protection to sensors in demanding industrial environments.
The Hardy OneMount shear beams are specifically built to save customers time and money during installation, calibration, and maintenance. Each load point provides extraordinary flexibility and durability in most industrial environments. Each feature of the load cell was designed based on more than 100 years of process weighing experience, delivering a best-in-class measurement system for vessel, hopper and tank weighing.
Hardy Bench Scales offer the ultimate in product configurability and customization for use in all industrial weighing applications, offering customers the ability to choose the right product at a price that fits their budget. Hardy Bench Scales are available in either stainless or carbon steel base construction, with 304 Stainless Steel platters. Choose between hermetically sealed, IP68/69K, C2 load cells and environmentally sealed, IP67 load cells, depending on your application.

Open-Source, Off-the-Shelf Rockwell Components, Seamless Integration into Connected Enterprise

Hardy’s Dynamic Series of checkweighing machines are built using off-the shelf components, with controls based on a Rockwell Automation’s CompactLogix® platform, providing a standardized open source architecture that is flexible enough to meet both current and future control needs.

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