TriNova supplies Deltech and Pneumatic Products air dryers, air purification equipment, and filtration systems for use in industrial applications. Deltech and Pneumatic Products, SPXFLOW brands, are known for their industry-leading, innovative compressed air products. They are designed to provide safe, reliable, cost-effective air purification, dehydration, and filtration in processing and manufacturing operations.

Deltech Air Dryers

Since 1961, Deltech has provided high quality compressed air treatment products for a wide range of industrial applications. Deltech’s product line includes:

  • Desiccant air dryers – providing efficient, effective drying to -100°F
  • Refrigerated air dryers– providing dew point control for dehydrating compressed air systems
  • Breathing air systems – compressed air source for breathing masks, hoods, and respirators
  • Compressed air filters – reliable filtration systems to remove contaminants from compressed air systems that can damage equipment

Deltech’s products are designed for small to medium volume operations and are available for fast delivery.

Custom Pneumatic Products Air Dryers

Pneumatic Products is a global leader of precision-engineered compressed air filtration equipment. Pneumatic Products offers pre-engineered and custom designed products that lead the industry in innovation, technology, and support. Since 1946, Pneumatic Products has provided a full line of pneumatically-powered compressed air filtration products, including air dryers, air filter adsorbers, condensate management, Dri-Breathers, flame arresters, and specialty dehydration technologies.

TriNova’s expert staff will work with you to recommend the best compressed air filtration product for your application. We are authorized manufacturer’s representative for SPXFLOW’s Deltech and Pneumatic Products equipment and can expedite shipment of your products.

TriNova’s certified factory-trained technicians serve the Southeast and provide onsite training, air audits, contracts, maintenance, and service. We provide 24/7 service utilizing our specially-equipped air dry service vehicle stocked with components, parts, and filters. Our goal is to return your equipment to service as quickly as possible. We can repair and service all brands of compressed air dryers and air purifiers.

When you buy from TriNova you get a great deal more than the product you purchase – you get access to all of our resources – the latest technologies, expert engineering and technical staff, experienced field service, training programs, all supported by superior customer service. Call today to see how we can solve your compressed air purification challenge.