Embedded I/E Technicians

Embedded Technicians are an efficient means to improve your preventative and reactive maintenance needs without the addition of headcount to your teams.

Embedded Technicians are  advantageous in situations such as:
  • Project needs
  • Calibration requirements
  • Validation efforts
  • Audit finding reconciliation
  • Reduced headcount due to attrition
  • Shutdowns and Overhauls
  • Backlog reduction
Embedded Technicians improve efficiencies by offering extensive experience, plant knowledge, documented training, and demonstrated performance.  TriNova has a proven track record supplying Embedded Technicians in all major industries including Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, and Chemical.  We can supply technicians for any length of time; days to years. It is as simple as giving us a chance to evaluate your needs.