Solution Services

Our solutions fill the gap in our partners’ processes. We provide complete turn-key packages by leveraging our expertise in measurement and control. Our capabilities allow us to make the most of new instrumentation technology and offer a comprehensive solution encompassing design, manufacturing, training, and commissioning.

Have an idea? Need consulting? Contact us to discuss your problem and our solution.

Strategic Relationship to Service Industrial Customers


Optimize Control, Amplify Production, Maximize Efficiency

Experience the transformative benefits of AI on your existing control system.

Ai-OPs’ Koios platform enables seamless integration of AI models into existing control systems, allowing for real-time optimization and performance improvements. The system supports a range of industries, including Oil and Gas, Wastewater, Utilities, Chemical, Agriculture, Renewables, Commercial, Manufacturing, and Pharmaceuticals.

Founded by a team of seasoned engineers with a collective experience of over 50 years in process control, Ai-OPs is driven by a core philosophy: leverage AI as a tool to enhance the efficiency of operators and engineers, lightening their workload rather than burdening them further.

Engineering Consultation

TriNova’s engineers and technical sales specialists combined have over 100 years of experience helping you find the right product for your application.

We have access to sizing software and product configurators that help ensure our solutions work. Our expertise extends to every part of the globe, as we call on the designers and product managers from our manufacturers.