A northeast customer in the paper industry loved the reliability of their three-way plug valve that had given them decades of great service in switching the flow from paper machine one to paper machine two. However, they wanted to automate the valve so that it could be operated remotely. Unfortunately, “old reliable” had to be lifted off its seat first with one gear operator and then rotated 90˚ degrees using another gear operator. This lifting and turning made using a traditional electric or pneumatic actuation impossible and led to many failed plug valves.


Our Lead Application Engineer for the north understood how costly this project could be and worked to find a more cost-efficient solution. After discussing possible solutions with the customer, it was determined knife gate valves would be the best solution. By collaborating with the customer and thinking creatively, we were able to automate their switching valve system without breaking the bank. The DeZURIK cylinder-operated KGC-ES gate valves on a tee ended up costing less than the manually operated “Old Reliable”. Since purchasing the initial (4) they have purchased (12) more knife gate valves.

Each of the KGC-ES Cylinder Operated valves is drip tight, has purged seating areas to flush the stock out, 100% port area, cast gate guides (no welds) enabling full reverse pressure, and the famous DeZURIK premium self-adjusting packing system with scraper ring for years of leak-free service.The paper mill is very happy with its new automated system and especially the flushing ports that are working great.


The customer has since introduced other project and maintenance people in the plant to our Lead Application Engineer. We believe these relationships and increasing touchpoints will add to the alignment and double-loop learning with our customers and will in turn strengthen our customer’s experience and our support.