In late August 2022, a pre-existing water crisis in Mississippi took a turn for the worst. After local flooding, a treatment plant was left damaged and unable to produce sufficient water pressure. On August 30th President Biden declared a state of emergency over Mississippi water. Residents had to boil water in their homes before consuming it and experienced day-long outages of running water.

Along with the coordination of the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA, our Mobile sales team, Chad Green and Kelli Carley, and Endress+Hauser’s James Faught, we were able to help support the relief efforts in the state.

Our Solution

Wastewater treatment plants are challenged daily to ensure plant effluent meets or exceeds the state’s compliance limits. Treatment plants require field-proven process instrumentation to provide accurate and repeatable data for processes. Endress+Hauser’s Pro

mag W unrestricted mounting 0 x DN electromagnetic flowmeter provides a solution for challenging applications by providing users with maximum measuring performance without concerns of typical straight pipe run requirements. This is exactly the solution this treatment plant needed.

Our Mobile Sales Director, Chad Green was on-site to help start up the E+H 4″ Promag meter that was a rush order to Mississippi. With E+H flow technology and our sales teams’ quick response, TriNova was able to support the water & wastewater industry in a crucial way.


“It felt really good to work alongside E+H, the customer, and the volunteers from different states across the U.S helping out. It’s not every day you get to help solve a municipal water crisis that affects thousands of people. In this case, we did.” “Any other meter would’ve been three or four times more expensive due to installation costs alone. The new meter fit perfectly in the existing footprint and didn’t require modifications to the piping.” – Chad Green